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Font Story

Also known as Heir Font, it is the official font used by the Church of the Morning Star.

The font is based on a book passed down by Morning Star, the head of the church and the savior of mankind, in order to protect humanity from the Dark Blood. The book features a Braille transcription in diamond shapes reminiscent of stars.

However, the scholar vanished as soon as he finished translating the book, and never returned to the church again.

As a result, the font had existed without a proper name.

Seeing this, Morning Star named it "Heir Font" to pay respect to the scholar who acted as the hero of mankind, and designated it the official church font.

Font Types

Regular / Bold / Korean: 2,350 / Latin: 94 / Glyphs: 985 / Extended Glyphs: 1,277 / Vertical Writing: 197 / Latin Extended-A: 128 / Latin-1 Supplement: 95

Font Features